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by ryan on May 27, 2017


Which Paper Size to buy?

Standard Size Paper
(8½ x 11″) is used predominately in the following countries:

South America
Please check your paper size before printing.

You will need to unzip the file to extract the template

Download WinzipHere

The Business Starter Templates include a Themed Stationery Set, Agreements, Daily Planner, Client Worksheet, Brochure Template, plus more!

tandard (8½ x 11″)
Business Startup Documents Pack

We don’t give you a load of useless forms in our Startup Packs. We provide what is required to get your business off to a GREAT start!

Documents ONLY – Buy & Download immediately, We help get YOUR business off to a GREAT start!

  • MS Word Invoice Template
  • MS Word Letterhead Template
  • MS Word Business Card Template
  • MS Word Fax Cover Sheet
  • Independent Contract Agreement
  • Short Independent Contract Agreement
  • Consulting Agreement
  • Business Credit Application
  • Daily Planner
  • Client Time Sheet
  • Document ‘Copy’ Watermark
  • Receipt Template
  • Brochure Template
  • Monthly Time Sheet for Clients (.xls)
  • Timezones (.xls) & PDF
  • PLUS other miscellaneous documents

Sample Templates:

Client Worksheet

Brochure Template

Client Worksheet

Note – All documents are editable in MS Word (2000 & higher/forward compatible), and documents which are Excel (.xls) can be edited in Excel 2000 or higher.

If you are unsure in any way as to the wording, terms used or obligations in any Agreement or Contract, always consult your attorney.



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