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MS Word Templates


Quality MS Word Templates for Small Business, Virtual Professionals & Individuals

MS Word TemplatesLooking for free documents? Are they to your expectations? Did you answer ‘No’?? – Then, look no further!

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We don’t offer ‘Free’ templates, but we do offer professionally designed and quality templates at affordable prices.

If you cannot afford to invest a few dollars in a professionally designed template that will make your business look GREAT on paper, then this is not the site for you.

BUT, if you want your business to look the best it can on paper, then browse our site to see how affordable we really are to give you that professional edge with documents or stationery.

Our MS Word Templates have been created with YOU in mind, and the image you need to create. Therefore, we have designed and developed document templates to help YOUR business, and they include:

MS Word Invoice Templates
MS Word Letterhead Templates
MS Word Fax Cover Sheets
MS Word Business Card Templates
Business Startup Documents

We have built a reputation in a short time for providing affordable, professional and quality MS Word (2000 & forward compatible to 2007) Stationery templates for small business, virtual assistants, virtual professionals, and in fact anyone wanting their small business to look GREAT on paper.

We are also a business that works virtually with clients from around the world on a daily basis, and understand the need to have a business that not only delivers quality services and products, but to also have your business presented well on paper.

Small Business Start-up Documents are the #1 CHOICE for home based businesses.

With several Contracts, Work for Hire Agreements, Daily Planner, Stationery Templates – letterhead, invoice, fax cover sheet & business card, Order Forms, Credit Application, other Misc Office Documents, a Website Template PLUS an easy to use and understand accounting program, you will be set to get your business off to a GREAT Start!

Designed by JK Web Development Services, an Australian Small Business owner with customers & clients from all over the world, these documents are a MUST!

Starter Templates:

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